About Panama

Panama was picked the #1 place to travel to in 2012 by the New York Times.

Panama is situated between North and South America in Central America and shares border with Costa Rica and Colombia. Panama has two seasons, rain and dry.You will enjoy tropical climate weather while studying in Panama!

Panama’s Culture

Panama’da bulunan ortak dil okulumuz  EPA!, Panama City’nin en nadide bölgelerinden bir tanesi olan Balboa y Via Italia’da yer alir.

Panama is home to seven native indigenous communities in their own reservations. The country has a great variety of attractions with its exotic tropical rain forests, mountains, more than 1000 islands and engineering marvel, the Panama Canal. Revenue from canal tolls is a significant portion of Panama’s GDP.
The official currency of Panama is, “balboa. Panama’s historical connection to the U.S., Panama generally uses U.S. dollars as its paper currency and Panamanian coins.

You will eat well while studying in Panama!

Panamanian food is a delicious part of Panama’s culture. Seafoods are commonly served alongside beans with, rice, and vegetables; and served in the form of tamales, tortillas, empanadas. Not to mention ceviche!

Studying in Panama

However Panama is famous as a vacation destination, the country is becoming an international education hub in South America. Panama hosts an increasing number of higher education institutions and offers from architecture to engineering, and from technology to social sciences, law, medicine, and language education. Public universities are tuition free, even for foreign students. The top universities in Panama are mostly located in Panama City, the most cosmopolitan city in South America. The educational system in Panama follows international standards. However, Spanish is the primary instruction language in the majority of its program. Therefore, learning Spanish is an essential requirement.

Student visa for Panama

International students need to obtain a student visa for Panama. To be eligible, they must have a place to study full time at an institution, public or private, which is accredited by the Department of Education. Foreign students are not allowed to work.

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